Elizabeth Simm’s DM160B Final Project

Monterey Bay Coastal Bike Path


The ride along the Monterey Coastal Bike Path is so beautiful that you might want to stop and have a picnic and enjoy your surroundings. There are stores along the way where you can get food and there are plenty of great picnic spots.

Picnic Supplies

picture of the inside of Pezzini's store.If you are ready to ride and you want to pull together a picnic, stop at Pezzini's Produce and buy yourself a picnic. They sell lots of fresh fruits, veggies, artichoke dips, nuts, bread and other supplies for a picnic. They are best known for their artichoke products. Outside the store there is a Taco Truck where they make delicious fried artichokes. The store itself is in the midst of artichoke fields near Casroville. You will go right by it as you turn off the first bike trail in Castroville and head for Monte Avenue.

If you are already close to Monterey another option for easy picnic food is Trader Joes. You can find wraps, dips, crackers, fruit, veggies, cookies, drinks and lots of other picnic items.

Picnic Spots


picture of a picnic area on the beach in MontereyIn Monterey you will find picnic spots along the trail. In front of Monterey Bay Kayak there are picnic tables and a beautiful view of the Monterey Bay. If you have time you can even go for a lunch time ride in a kayak.

Further along the path in Monterey just past the wharf you will see see some small picnic tables along the side of the path.

Lovers Point

picture of the Lovers Point.Lovers Point, located in Pacific Grove, offers spectacular views, picnic tables, restrooms and the company of many friendly squirrels. Many people go out on the rocks or down to the beach to have a picnic. This area is one of the highlights of the trip, so plan some time to sit and enjoy your surroundings.

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