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Monterey Bay Coastal Bike Path

Route Maps

A map showing the cities that the bikepath runs through.  Castroville, Marina, Sand City, Monterey and Pacific GroveTo view pictures of the bike path, click on an area between Castroville and Marina, the area between Marina and Monterey and the area between Monterey and Pacific Grove.

There are a lot of excellent maps available for people interested in bicycling the Monterey Pacific Coast Bike Path.

This map is put out by the Transportation Agency of Monterey County. Shows all the bike paths in Monterey County. It will also help you locate public restrooms restrooms,bike shops,campgrounds and public transit.
Monterey County Bike Paths and Routes
This website has a great deal of information about the attractions in Monterey County. They have also included maps of the Monterey Bay Coastal Bike Path and other bicycle paths around Monterey.
Bike Maps for Highways of the Central Coast
This is a guide put out by the California Department of Transportation. It contains maps for cyclists, elevations for the routes and campgrounds. It seems to be particularly aimed at bicyclist travelling long distances who are looking for alternates to the highways.

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Castroville to Marina Marina to edge of Monterey Monterey and Pacific Grove